After extensive involvement with and immersion in art during my childhood, my parents (and I) were not ‘comfortable’ with me attending ‘Art’ school. However, I had the privilege and great opportunity to study Architecture, a comprehensive artistic and problem-solving discipline. While in graduate school at Yale, I studied painting in the undergraduate senior studio as one of my electives. Critique was frustrating because I wanted to know if my paintings looked ‘correct or right’. I did not understand that they could be or were ‘about something else’. Following graduation, I went to London to work in architectural practice. Away from American expectations, I started painting again. As part of a graduation prize, I was under contract to prepare new work for a show in the USA and needed to take a sabbatical from my job. Painting every day for three months changed my life. I started adjunct teaching in architecture programs to subsidize my fine art practice in painting. Fast forward, I pursue my art practice full-time. I just must paint and make images. Not leaning too far from my roots, my work explores space/s and the feelings and spatial experiences produced by architecture.

Up Next Solo: Exhibition Woman's Club of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN  May and June 2020
All are invited to the Artist's Reception May 14, 2020, 5:30pm - 7:00pm.   Request an invitation.